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Why sDadia? You might ask – here’s the answer

Gaming media is very homogeneous. Very white (not in gamers, just the media), very male (not in gamers, just the media), very console based (not in gamers, just the media), very single player 3rd person based (see TGA all time results). The sponsors are also pretty the same as the media, you can imagine the reasons. They miss a huge market of people that want to game, but not enough to enter this toxicity and overwhelming place – people like you!
I had the money to buy a PS4, but it felt like a commitment to my TV, one I didn’t have either. Lot’s of choices, lot’s of things to watch, YouTube opinion videos, articles on best price per quality, blah, blah, blah. It was overwhelming how much effort and learning just to install a game and play.  Cloud gaming came for the rescue. 
I clearly have a preference for Stadia, you can read the reasons here. But I share here all my experiences with PC game pass (previous xbox cloud game pass, PC version), Geforce Now, Luna and Steam, and why they might be for you. I tried Epic Games, but too little to have a better opinion. Last console I played was 30h of a PS2 15 years ago.

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Serious Casual Gaming Posts

Here you’ll have the latest posts, opinions, suggestions for games, features and current information. If you want chill news, not a lot of  “preaching for converted” or “paid promotion” overview of serious casual cloud gaming – this content is for you!
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Stadia on TV
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Guides and Opinion Articles

There are too many guides out there. I will still  I will mostly keep in those pages content I don’t want to be automatically archived together with old posts. Those guides and articles will be updated and allow comments.

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Family and party

I do have a toddler, and I love to host party with board games, and casual gaming too! For example, Beat Saber VR is always a MVP on my gatherings. Here I want to leave game tips for parties and family games. And the reasons why cloud gaming is perfect for dads (and moms), besides being free (Stadia).
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gaming with friends
photo by Hannah Rodrigo @Unplash