Google Stadia (sDadia) is a videogame platform that emulates a console in the clouds. You can have friends, achievements, buy games, check your friends activities and play games also present in PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S. Game anywhere, as long as you get 10mbps of stable download speed internet, and a device capable of running Google chrome. Your phone is a controller, but you can use almost all controllers too, wired, Bluetooth or not.


Since day 1 Stadia was declared dead. And until today, people get likes in their social media profiles by saying this. Of course you can even become president by sharing your ignorance to people willing to buy it. That’s democracy, and it’s beautiful, whether you like it or not.


Two years later, this zombie is alive and kicking. Listed jobs on LinkedIn are talking about long term stuff. Their official communication newsletter likewise. Game publishers do too.


The popularity is increasing in number of users, followers, popular games leaderboards, Google search and such. Regardless, the main game news outlets will not announce it as the next big thing. Even when if it becomes the next big thing. That’s just not how Google operates their services. 


Google product phylosophy wants to make your daily life include their products, as you do with your Google search, calendar, maps, history, YouTube, music, Drive, Play, whatever. So, they want Google products to allow you to do something, the moment you want to do something. 


That’s where Google Stadia (sDadia) has been moving since day -180. It came already to new LG TVs. Just sit with this image for a few years and guess if you’ll buy a console or a TV next. That’s also where it’s headed for gamers, non gamers, developers and publishers. And it can only get better.


They’ve been improving accessibility for sDadia, adding features, up to make you even Stream your game at 1080p, maybe even 4k, while playing on your phone. Today! Just install the app, login with a Google account, without paying anything, and try to stream linking your YouTube account and you’ll see what I’m saying.


They make billions of dollars with those Google products, and they don’t care to brag about it. Or market it. Suddenly it will come and take you over without asking you to replace anything you currently pet. It’s the zombie apocalypse, the Stadia (sDadia) of Schrodinger. When you notice, you’ll be already playing on a dead console using your current controler from a live current platform