Why sDadia and not Google Stadia? You might ask


This is the first article of this blog. So I bother to explain the name sDadia. The explanation was made easy by Xavier Woods, the famous professional Wrestler:


As he explains, Google Stadia has two incredibly important aspects for dads (and moms)- It is very easy to immediately jump into games and, more importantly, it’s for people who don’t play games. 


Dads (and moms) benefit from every minute they can spare into another source of controllable anxiety that they can turn off when tired, or when demands arrive. They also have no priority over any device in their own place. Right now, I’m writing this text because my son and wife are using my 4k TV to play SpongeBob couch co-op. I could’ve easily kept playing on my computer, or iPad, but I do want to play AC Odyssey on 4k as it’s a beautiful game. 


Dads (and moms) nowadays are older too, likely born in the 1980s and 90s. We saw video games become popular and accessible, but dropped as responsibilities and time inversely correlated. I am a PS1 kid. Never fully adapted to computer or mobile gaming, because it was affecting my time management, sleep, or anxiety levels. I will talk about those experiences in the future in an article about who I am, and another one on Serious Casual Gaming. But I never stop trying to game.


I think because I had a Pixel phone in the past, Google sent me the announcement of a platform to game in the clouds (Google Stadia), without much to think about. I was a dad of a 2 yo. It seemed easy. So I got a founders edition and an extra wasabi controller (the best one). And since it arrived, after a fiasco to give me the code to play for two frustrating long days after launch – I have been a happy serious casual gamer! I hope you do too!


Many people get what this platform is very wrong. They think it is a competitor of current mainstream platforms (e.g. Steam, PS, Xbox…), but it is not, and it doesn’t want to be. The product is very unique in ease of access and entry, ease of usage, time of usage and flexibility of use. No other platform has that, even among other cloud gaming services. Why sDadia and not Google Stadia? You might ask. To help clarify confusions on where Stadia does its marketing and what it is for, I incorporated the nickname sDadia.


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