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Cloud gaming is the future. It can’t be different, as internet stability and access can only improve, file size and complexity increase, and SDD imposes huge limitations. The cost of entry for developers, gamers and most importantly, dads (and moms), is so low, the future will be brilliant! Join us, whenever you want.

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After 15 years not playing in mainstream ways, I did not even know how to buy and install a game. The learning curve is intimidating, but might surprise you how easy it is once you start. Find out which cloud gaming platform is better for you. How to do stuff in each of them. The hell troubleshooting which is the worst problem currently for casual gamers. And more!

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Family and party



No one better than the next generation people to join the cloud gaming. With no entry cost, you can start now. Having a 4 yo myself, I’ve come to read and experiment a lot of things, so I thought of helping others like me to have fun too! Your judgement still will determine the proper games for your child. Also, please rely on the publishers age restriction before introducing a game.

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