Stadia Community Game Awards

On December 31st 2021 we had the first community voted Stadia Game Awards, hosted by great Content Creators Clive Illenden (@cliveillenden) and Jon Scarr (4Scarrs_Gaming). I will comment the awards, so watch it here first to avoid spoilers. To see the entire list and summary, click here

Stadia launched 108 new games in 2021. A great year with tight competition.

I have not played all, but it is hard to believe any Stadia Ongoing Game award would not go to Destiny 2. I guess that is the reason that The Game Awards (sic) has people with money and influence in game media to determine most of the candidates and the community only influence 10% of it, or less. Cyberpunk 2077 had updates, but I wouldn’t consider it ongoing, it’s not even fully launched yet (this joke is on me).

Multiplayer Game award has no complaints from me. With so many free weekends and gigantic discounts, Rainbow 6 Siege took the scene. FIFA22 likely lost by little.

Indie Game award also was a no brainer. Wavetale is something else. Go play it now if you haven’t, stop reading this. If you are masochist, try Grime (it doesn’t have a god mode, so really is just self torture).

I have not played any of the RPG nominees. Are AC Valhala, Cyberpunk 2077, RDR2, considered RPG? In my time (1990’s), it would be. And CP2077 would win. RDR2 close.

Man, it was sad to see Simulation and Strategy as a single category. Farming Simulator 22 is a monster super popular game with all chances of winning. I tried Humankind pre-release trial and did not enjoy, but I can see people playing nicely with touch.

Racing game of the Year. Well, I think the content creator votes were the majority of the Stadia Game Awards here. Seeing them enjoying Wreckfest explains why Dirty 5 did not win. With more than 100k Stadians with leaderboard scores, they have a case.

No one can explain to me how Just Dance 2022 got the Family Game award. Rayman Legends wasn’t even considered. Cake Bash? Humans Fall Flat? Maybe we have more Ubi+ subscriber than I previously expected. And they like to dance! Maybe the pre-selection was not accurate/clear?

Sports of the year is separated from Racing, so yes, FIFA22.

Well, we finally figured out that Far Cry 6 is not an RPG, when they got the Action Adventure Game award. Grime makes sense, but it would have to eat a lot of vegetables to be in the place Darkside Genesis is.

Platformer award is perfectly correct. Rayman is a Legend and do not bother disputing it.

Pro game award of the year was a close call. All amazing runners.

Man, Best Use of Unique Feature is soooo hard. Soooo hard. Too much potential. It feels weird choosing any of them, really. So, whatever result is great.

Stadia Game of the Year to Resident Evil 8 was my vote too. Although I think Cyberpunk 2077 did more for the platform than the entire Stadia marketing team did (if they have one).

Next year Indie will be Skyclimbers, right? Death Carnival looks awesome too. OMG, I have such a large backlog and I’m writing instead of playing. Bye


1 thought on “Stadia Game Awards

  1. CultofStadia says:

    I thought Far Cry would win Game Of The Year as the hype machine was off the hook and more recent but glad Resident Evil took it

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